Выберите правильную форму слова


a) head, b) dead, с) thread, d) breath, e) beat, f) break, g) instead.

1) This money… enough to buy this book.

b) are

2) The news… so shocking.

b) was

3) The clock… stopped.

b) have

3. Отметьте существительные во множественном числе:

4. Выберите правильное местоимение:

a) your

2) Take… cup of coffee.

b) yourself

a) you

4) You don’t have to worry. He can take care of….

b) himself

1) She doesn’t like noisy parties. She prefers to stay… herself.

b) for

a) by

3) I don’t believe it unless I see… myself.

b) for

1) I have Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries, … one shall I give you?

b) which

a) who

3) … of you knows what it is?

b) which

a) some

5)… of you must go and open the door.

b) somebody

1) Tom is their …son.

b) elder

a) farther

3) Her baby is… than mine.

b) smaller

a) well

5) Her husband is twice as… as she is.

b) older

a) little

8. Выберите правильный вариант:

a) few

2) I’m afraid I have… money left. Can you give me some?

b) little

a) little

4) I have… interesting books. You can choose any.

b) a little

a) less

9. Отметьте предложение, которое не выражает отнесенность к будущему:

2) We are going to have a talk with her.

4) They will buy a new car soon.

6) I think we’re flying over the ocean.

8) He will ring me up one of these days.

10. Отметьте предложение, которое не выражает отнесенность к прошлому:

2. She cut her finger and couldn’t work.

4. I wouldn’t buy this ring.

11 Выберите правильный вариант:

a) it

2)… is no place like home.

b) there

a) it

4) Once upon a time… lived a beautiful princess.

b) there

a) it

12. Выберите правильный вариант:

a) so

2) The flowers are… beautiful!

b) such

a) so

4) I have never seen… an interesting film.

b) such

a) so

6) She was not… young as he thought.

b) such

1) She made a mistake… she was careless.

b) because of

a) because

3) We couldn’t come on time… the rain.

b) because of

a) because

14. Выберите правильный вариант:

a) so

2) We could see nothing… it was dark.

b) as

a) so

4)…, let’s begin the discussion.

b) as

a) discuss, b) explain, с) inform, d) mention, e) suggest, f) enquire, g) advise, h) decide, i) agree.

1) read for, 2) have, 3) succeed in, 4) appoint, 5) pass, 6) take, 7) reply, 8) fail in, 9) prepare for, 10) sit for.

1) Alan, meet Jim.

b) welcome

2) Hi, everybody!

b) welcome

3) No, thanks.

b) refuse

4) O.K. I’ll take it.

b) refuse

18. Соотнесите глагол и существительное:

b) make

d) get

f) diagnose

b) illness

d) appointment

f) letter

1) Bank holiday, 2) Boxing Day, 3) Pancake Day, 4) Halloween, 5) St. Valentine’s Day, 6) Easter, 7) Thanksgiving Day, 8) Mother’s Day, 9) Columbus Day.

1) Grace Kelly was born on the east coast of the US in 1929.

3) When she was 3 months old she went to live at Ratfield, far from the King and the Queen.

5) When she was 21, she went to Hollywood and began acting in films.

7) She appeared in the film «High Noon», and won an Academy Award («Oscar») for her acting in «A Country Girl».

9) She followed her half-brother Edward and her half-sister Mary to the throne.

11) She never married and ruled for 45 years as a strong and inde pendent queen.

13) She was much loved by the people of England, and her reign was one of power and glory for her country.


а) call, b) tall, с) ball, d) calm, e) hall, f) all, g) talk, h) walk.

l) I was last there

3) She promised to come and see us

5) I hope the telegram will have arrived

7) I had stayed with her

2) tonight

4) yet

6) one of these days

3.Выберите правильную форму глагола:

a) is playing

2) I’ll… you tomorrow.

b) being seen

a) was examining

4. Выберите правильную форму глагола:

a) is being

2) There is much noise. Something… built here.

b) has been

1) When she entered the room she… to give her name.

b) was asked

a) has seen

3) She opened the door and… who I was.

b) was asked

a) will discover

6. Выберите правильный вариант:

a) is translating

c) has translated

a) is translating

c) has translated

1) Она уже пришла домой.

b) She came home.

d) She has come home.

a) She was asking a lot of questions.

c) She was being asked a lot of questions.

3) Она еще не написала упражнение.

b) Shewas not writing the exercise.

d) Shehasn’t been written the exercise.

1)I want to know what time

b) it is

a) would it take us

3) She asked how old

b) I was

1) We asked if he… to join us.

b) wanted

2) He wanted to know where she… her holidays.

b) spends

3) I thought that you ….

b) had been warned

4) She said it… hard.

b) was raining

10. Выберите правильный вариант:

a) changes

c) will change

a) comes

c) shall come

a) buys

c) would buy

a) arrives

c) would arrive

1) I shall not return the book

3) No one could say

5) I thought

2) where he lived.

4) that you knew it.

12. Подберите пары:

a) He says

a) he was going to be a doctor.


b) She asked

b) what time it is.

a) We asked

a) that the film was interesting.


b) I wonder

b) where she lives.

1) She was born in 1980. (When?)

3) She decided to buy that beautiful dress. (Why?)

14. Завершите разделительный вопрос:

a) is it?

c) isn’t there?

2) We didn’t know she was so young,

b) wasn’t she?

d) didn’t we?

a) will some?

c) will you?

4) I am your teacher,

b) am not I?

d) am I?

1) I think it will… us about an hour.

3) The children will be… care of.

5) They broke the window, then came in and… the video.

7) It’s very far. Let’s… a bus.

16. Какой из глаголов обобщает следующие предложения?

a) explain

c) add

a) explain

c) apologize

1) music, 2) animal, 3) clothes, 4) field of study, 5) meal, 6) transportation, 7) food, 8) occupation, 9) athlete, 10) literature, 11) hobby

18. Отметьте слова, выражающие согласие, буквой «а», и несогласие — буквой «b»:

19. Прочтите текст и ответьте на вопрос:

20. Поставьте предложения в нужном порядке, чтобы получился связный рассказ:

2) But the monster and its activities remain a mystery.

4) The story of the Loch Ness monster begins in 1933 when it was seen for the first time.

6) Since then it has been seen at least once every year and has been photographed many times.

8) For somewhere in the deep waters of Loch Ness a monster is hiding.


a) finished, b) worked, с) hoped, d) kissed, e) stopped, f) demanded.


1) We expect them… us this summer.

b) to have visited

a) to spend

3) It seems… outside.

b) to be raining

a) to play

4. Выберите правильную форму причастия:

a) breaking

2) She sat on the river bank… the setting sun.

b) watched

a) crowding

5. Выберите правильную форму причастия:

a) reading

2)… my work I went out for a walk.

b) having finished

a) playing

4)… through the journal I put it aside.

b) having looked

1) He is interested… collecting stamps.

b) with

2) She is fond … pop music.

b) with

3) I am not used … driving fast.

b) to

4) They went… talking.

b) on

7. Выберите правильный предлог:

a) after

c) before

a) on

c) without

a) on

c) at

1) I stopped… to her for a minute.

b) talking

a) to talk

9. Отметьте предложение, в котором можно употребить причастие «being»:

2) I couldn’t go out… ill. (будучи)

1) We look forward to seeing this film.

b) Мы смотрели этот фильм.

2) Do you mind answering this question?

b) Ты не хочешь ответить на этот вопрос?

3) We are used to taking coffee every morning.

b) Мы раньше пили кофе каждое утро.

11. Определите, чем являются подчеркнутые слова:

a) инфинитив

c) герундий

a) инфинитив

c) герундий

a) инфинитив

c) герундий


b) It has grown dark.


b) If you turn left you’ll see the house in front of you.

13. Отметьте правильный вариант перевода:

a) It is dark.

2) Она заболела.

b) She has fallen ill

a) Не was in love with the beautiful princess.

14. Выберите правильный вариант:

a) last

2) It is the… sentence in the exercise.

b) latest

a) last

4)… I saw her, she was with her husband.

b) last time

1) Much time has passed since that time.

b) союз

2) We went to school together and I’ve never met her since.

b) союз

3) I can’t tell you where she is since I haven’t seen her for a long time.

b) союз

16. Составьте пары антонимов:

b) exciting

d) complete

f) interested

a) cheap

c) poor

e) stupid

g) boring

a) medical, b) fit, с) doctor, d) well, e) unwell, f) toothache, g) temperature, h) sick, i) examine,

18. Расставьте в хронологическом порядке следующие события:

b) Julius Caesar’s ambition was to conquer Britain.

d) The five Decembrists were executed.

f) Russia was converted into Christianity.

They speak the language that no other country in the world uses. They live in small villages. Their houses are made of dry tree branches. They do not wear many clothes but a lot of different decorations. Their food is fruit, fish and meat of animals which they hunt. Some tribes use elephants as their working force. The climate is dry and hot. Water is often difficult to find. They like music, dancing and telling stories which pass from generation to generation.

20. Поставьте абзацы в нужном порядке:

b) In 1778 the British had the strongest navy in the world. They laughed at the small navy of their American colonies who were fighting Britain for their independence.

d) On the night of April 24, 1778 Captain John Paul Jones silently brought the American ship «Ranger» into Whiteheaven harbour on the west coast of England. As soon as he arrived, he took a group of his men to a local inn, broke into it and had a drink with them.


Тест 1 — 200 баллов

2 — 8, 11 — 14 — по 10б.

20 — 25б.

1, 16 — 18 — по 5б.

19, 20 — по 20б.

1, 16, 17 — по 5б.

15, 18, 19 — по 15б.

При получении испытуемым менее 120 баллов его знания считаются неудовлетворительными.


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