Выберите правильный вариант формы сказуемого

Контрольная работа № 3 Вариант 4I. Определите видовременную форму глагола в следующих предложениях.1. The New York Stock Exchange provides a means for buyers and sellers to trade shares.a. Present Simple b. Present Continuous c. Present Perfect

3. Double-entry bookkeeping developed in medieval Europe.a. Present Simple b. Present Perfect c. Past Simple

5. People given significant benefits have bought a house this year.a. Present Perfect b. Past Perfect c. Past SimpleII. Соотнесите видовременную форму страдательного залога в первой колонке с соответствующим названием во второй колонке.

1. What interest will be paid on saving accounts by this bank next year?a. был выплачен b. будет выплачен c. выплачивается

3. The financial system of the country was affected by the global financial crisis.a. испытала влияние b. повлияла c. влияет

5. The balance sheets were used by the auditor to gain insight into the financial strength of a company.a. используются b. будут использованы c. были использованы

1. London’s financial centre (to know) as ’The City’.a. are known b. is known c. will be known

3. The supply of labour, consumption, saving and investment (to influence) by the tax system in the future.a. are influenced b. were influenced c. will be influenced

5. Individual accounts (to open) under an individual’s name.a. is opened b. are opened c. am opened

1. Different users (to have) different sets of accounts.a. has b. have c. had

3. The credit for a reliable borrower (to grant) without long consideration.a. grant b. granted c. will be granted

5. The performance of a business over a specific period (to describe) on financial accounts.a. is described b. describes c. described

1. Cash flow … distinguished from accounting terms such as income, revenue, expense, and cost.a. is b. are c. was

3. The rate of economic development … determined by numerous factors last year.a. is b. will be c. was

5. When … professional accounting start?a. do b. has c. did

1. Government accounting typically uses funds and budgets, when recording and reporting financial information.a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого

4. The analyst who is comparing financial statements for a number of years may prefer to use a variation of horizontal analysis called trend analysis.a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого

3. Financial statements presenting financial data for two or more periods are called comparative statements.a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого

1. Without financial markets, borrowers would have difficulty finding lenders themselves. a. находя b. найденный c. находят

3. The reason why a young investor is not investing in the stock market is inexperience.a. не инвестирует b. не инвестировав c. не инвестированный

5. Since more people are realizing that credit cards are where the money is, it seems everyone needs them now.a. осознавшие b. осознаваемые c. осознают

1. If you have sold shares you must provide access to the shares you have sold so they can be transferred to the new owner.a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого2. In most nations, monetary policy is controlled by either a central bank or a finance ministry.a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого3. The accounting work done by the accountants is used by the company to make crucial financial decisions.a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого4. The accounting balance sheet is one of the major financial statements used by accountants and business owners.a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого5. If made by the experienced auditor, the audit report is full and unbiased.a. определение b. обстоятельство c. часть сказуемого


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