Задание 4 выберите правильный

Проверь себя.

I. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы.


2. Why did the wise man ask to send him back to prison?

The king thought highly of his verses.

One bright afternoon Major Brown (I — go) out for his usual after-dinner walk. The major (2 — be) a little man, very energetic and strong-looking. Some time before Major Brown (3 — retire) from the army and now (4 — live) on a small pension. He (5 — be) a brave and successful solider but he never (6 — like) being a military man. He (7 — take) a small house in London and (8 — devote) the rest of his life to growing his favourite flowers — pansies in his little garden.

«I (17 — tell) you something, sir,» (18— say) the man and (19 — look) around. «If you (20 — interest) in such things, you just get on to that wall,» and the man (21 — point) to the garden wall by which they (22 — stand). «The finest collection of yellow pansies in England (23 — be) in that garden,» whispered the man. How it (24 — happen) no one ever (25 — know) but the fact (26 — be) that a second later the major (27 — stand) on the garden wall. At the next moment he (28— forget) everything. In the very centre of the garden he (29 — see) a large bed of the most beautiful yellow pansies. But it (30— be) not the beauty of the pansies that (31 — surprise) him. It (32 — be) something else: the pansies (33 — arrange) in gigantic capital letters which (34 — form) the sentence «Death to Major Brown.» An old man (35 — water) them. Brown (36 — look) back at the road behind him. The man with the barrow (37 — disappear). Then he (38 — look) again at the flowerbed that had the terrible words. The evening air (39 — be) so still, the garden (40 — look) so quiet. Suddenly Major Brown (41 — see) the watering can (42 — fall) from the old man’s hand.

1. Mother doesn’t have much free time. Neither … .

2. It has been snowing all day. I wonder when … .

3. This is … useful advice.

4.1 have two rooms. One is a bedroom, and … is a sitting room.

5. He … his hat to welcome us.

6. I haven’t the slightest idea of what I … to do in this situation.

7. They let their children … different pets at home.

8. You have to support your children, … ?

9. We all… mistakes when we are young.

10. Something is wrong with the watch. Can you repair … ?

11. She looks … today.

12. I’ll give the book back as soon as he … it.

13. When the phone rang I… a bath.

14. Не … whenever he goes to the theatre.

15. If it … rain, we’ll have the party outside.

16. When I arrived at the party, Tom … home.

17. Is that the man … yesterday?

18. We couldn’t find the cat… .

19. He won’t let anyone … his records.

20. … already dark outside.

V. Переведите на английский язык.

2. Я опоздала на десять минут.

4. Можно мне еще чаю?

VI. Выберите правильный ответ.

a) a toy, b) an egg, c) an animal, d) a bird.

a) Chatham House, b) Regent Palace, c) Westminster Palace, d) Buckingham Palace.

a) an architect, b) a composer, c) a writer, d) a politician

a) Rose, b) Leek, c) Thistle, d) Shamrock.

Вариант 2

At a school examination the teacher handed out the question papers to all the children, looked at her watch and said that they were to finish their work in an hour. The children read the question papers and started writing the answers. At ten o’clock the teacher collected the papers and saw that one of the children hadn’t written anything and was still reading his question paper. «Is any question troubling you?» the teacher asked. «Not at all,» he answered, «it’s the answers that are troubling me.»

1. What time did the written examination begin?

II. Поставьте вопрос к подчеркнутому члену предложения.

III. Раскройте скобки, употребив правильную глагольную форму.

As it (7 — be) dinner time, the visitor (8 — sit) down in the dinning room (9 — wait) for the scientist. The servant (10 — come) in and (11 — place) on the table a (12 — boil) chicken under a cover. An hour (13 — pass) but Newton not (14 — appear). The gentleman (15 — feel) hungry, (16 — eat) the chicken, and (17 — cover) up the skeleton. He (18 — ask) the servant to prepare another one for his master.

At this moment the servant (34 — bring) in the other chicken. The visitor (35 — explain) how matters (36 — stand). After he (37 — laugh) heartily, the hungry scientist (38 — sit) down and (39 — eat) his dinner.

1. I want to tell you … interesting.

2. … postman comes every morning.

3. Mike is a careless driver, he drives … than you.

4. Look … the window. Is it raining outside?

5. You … leave earlier today if you want.

6. Sam had to take his exam one more time, … he?

7. In the sitting room there … a table, four chairs, a TV set and a sofa.

8. How many … pages must I translate?

9. I watch the news … on TV at 9 o’clock regularly.

10. He didn’t expect… such a question.

11. She … in the library the whole evening yesterday.

12. We shall go to the country if the weather … fine.

13.1 hope they … my telegram by tomorrow morning.

14. She … before Mother came back.

15. He … to tell the truth.

16. Where … you … this weekend?

17. I wonder what time … now.

18. John said he never … the film before.

19. She … wonderful today.

20. What would you do if you … me?

V. Переведите на английский язык.

2. Мы узнали, что они женаты уже три года.

4. После лекции было много вопросов.

VI. Выберите правильный ответ.

a) Covent Garden, b) the National Theatre, c) «Old Vic» Theatre, d) the Barbican.

a) coffee, b) tea, c) cocoa, d) milk.

a) Union Jack, b) Uncle Sam, c) Big Ben, d) Pall Mall.

a) in Africa, b) in North America, c) in South America, d) in Brazil.

a) a separate country, b) part of Great Britain, c) part of the US, d) an island.

Вариант 1

1. No, he wasn’t.





2. I was (am) ten minutes late.

4. Can (may) I have some more tea?


Вариант 2

1. It began at 9.





2. We leamt that they had been married for three years.

4. There were a lot of (many) questions after the lecture.



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